• <h2>Barb Jungr – Bob, Brel & Me</h2><strong>27th September</strong>

    Barb Jungr – Bob, Brel & Me

    27th September
  • <h2>Zoe Kyoti + Balter</h2><strong>Friday 11th October</strong>

    Zoe Kyoti + Balter

    Friday 11th October
  • <h2>HOURGLASS: The Music of James Taylor</h2><strong>Friday 15th November</strong>

    HOURGLASS: The Music of James Taylor

    Friday 15th November
  • <h2>The Rat Pack from The West End of London</h2><strong>Friday 6th December</strong>

    The Rat Pack from The West End of London

    Friday 6th December
  •  <h2>Ian Shaw & Liane Carroll</h2><strong>Friday 20th December</strong>

    Ian Shaw & Liane Carroll

    Friday 20th December
  •  <h2>The Horse Puppets</h2><strong>Friday 31st January 2020</strong>

    The Horse Puppets

    Friday 31st January 2020
  •  <h2>Nearly Dan</h2><strong>Saturday 7th March 2020</strong>

    Nearly Dan

    Saturday 7th March 2020
  •  <h2>The Blow Monkeys</h2><strong>Friday 3rd April 2020</strong>

    The Blow Monkeys

    Friday 3rd April 2020