• <h2>The Retrosettes</h2><strong>Friday 8th February</strong>

    The Retrosettes

    Friday 8th February
  • <h2>The Real Thing - Sweet Soul Friday</h2><strong>Friday 22nd February</strong>

    The Real Thing - Sweet Soul Friday

    Friday 22nd February
  • <h2>Janette Mason’s RED ALERT</h2><strong>Friday 1st March</strong>

    Janette Mason’s RED ALERT

    Friday 1st March
  • <h2>Kirk McElhinney & John Ellis with Harriet Dagnall</h2><strong>Friday 8th March</strong>

    Kirk McElhinney & John Ellis with Harriet Dagnall

    Friday 8th March
  • <h2>Wendy Kirkland: Piano Divas</h2><strong>Friday 15th March</strong>

    Wendy Kirkland: Piano Divas

    Friday 15th March
  • <h2>Sad Café</h2><strong>Friday 22nd March</strong>

    Sad Café

    Friday 22nd March
  • <h2>Stax of Soul</h2><strong>Friday 29th March</strong>

    Stax of Soul

    Friday 29th March